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How to set up Google Search Console

Linking your Analytics property to your Search Console property enables data to flow between the products. Data exported from your Search Console property into Google Analytics is subject to the Google Analytics terms of service while Google Analytics data imported into Search Console is subject to the Search Console terms of service.

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Ecommerce MGMT & Ecommerce EDU Launch August Training – Tracks 1 and 2

Track E-1
August 12 – Persona: Find Your Soulmate
August 19 – Make a Great 1st Webpression
August 26 – Dominate Search
September 2 – Get Offensive
Training Times: Noon Pacific
Track E-2
August 10 – Google Tools & Search Resources
August 17 – Keyword Mastery: What are your soulmates searching for?
August 24 – Winning with Your Website Home Page
August 31 – Build Community, Trust, and Grow Customer Base
Training Times: Noon Pacific

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Beginner’s Guide To Social Media Marketing

Beginner’s Guide To Social Media Marketing. In the time before the internet, marking was limited to newspaper adverts, television, and curbside posters. Marketing was expensive and not something that was always available or affordable to small businesses. And when it was, you could only advertise to people who lived near you. 

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