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Pennie Crockett  otherwise known as Ms. Pennie –– She is the CEO and Founder of Pennie’s Tea. She is a Chicago native who was a Professor of Health Science where she has worked for ten years preparing students for future careers in healthcare.

Pennies Teas

She is an educator, author, a mother of two, a tea sommelier and health professional with a Master’s Degree in Health and an entrepreneur who doesn’t mind sharing the secrets of better health and vitality.

Pennie crafts blended loose leaf teas that are flavorful and healthy.  She has also mastered a ready to drink tea beverage that are delicious and cold brewed.  Pennie’s creates a tea transformation experience to repair your body from the inside out. 

As a survivor of domestic violence, Pennie’s utilizing the power of specially-blended tea recipes, Pennie combines the healing potential of her brews with the message that health and wellness can help you heal.  As a survivor of domestic violence, it has become Pennie’s mission to increase awareness of the aftermath, both mentally and physically, of domestic violence and how to live with the trauma.

She has turned pain into passion and a percentage of her proceeds go to the crisis center that saved her and her daughter’s life. She wants to continue to help other women find their passion and strength like she did through her teas. She’s helping and healing one sip at a time.

Pennie’s Tea is more than a drink… It’s a movement, transforming the way you experience tea.

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Ms Pennie Owner of Pennies Tea