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Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series With Zoro

Today we uncovered how to accelerate eCommerce sales with our guests. In this week’s manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series our guest speaker was Tracy Beulow. Tracy is the Sr. Director of Business Development at Zoro US. Her company helps businesses grow in their best versions.

‘The conversation started with Curt introducing Tracy to the show. After this, Tracy shared what she does and how she got into it. She said that whenever she introduces herself she says that she always stays in B2B and B2C. Moreover, Tracy said she started in Manpower. During this time, she worked at the call center and then in the hiring process of it as well.

After this, she started working with clients as well. Moving on, she said that at Zoro they treat the entire place very closely. After this Tracy shared the biggest offer they provide at Zoro to accelerate eCommerce sales. She said that the most they do are provide customer reach to increase sales. She further explained Zoro’s process to accelerate eCommerce sales.

She said that what they do is, take the potential clients that are searching for a particular product that you sell and bring them to you. These clients are probably looking at your website for information but not to buy the product. This is where Zoro helps in accelerating the process.

Tracy also said that for small and medium businesses, it costs a lot to generate leads and potential sales. But with Zoro, they can accelerate eCommerce sales easily. After this, Tracy talked about the various elements of the search engines as well. According to Tracy, with these search engine tools, we can easily see where the traffic is coming from and where to spend the money as well.

This way you can also avoid wasting your money on unhelpful tools. Further into the conversation, Curt asked Tracy whether they’re working with more manufacturers or distributors at their company. Moreover, she said that their target is third-party fulfillment when it comes to working.

This means dropship capability and whoever they work with should have this capability. However, according to Tracy, many times manufacturers don’t put their focus on this which is why it becomes difficult to work with them. By the end of the conversation, Tracy talked about optimizing the search engine. She said that there are many ways to do so, but it all comes down to the content.

According to Tracy, the more information you have, the more you can easily guide your customers to your page. The conversation ended with Curt and Damon thanking Tracy for her time. Our Guest: Tracy Beulow Tracy is the Sr. Director, Business Development at Zoro US. Her company Zoro helps businesses grow in their best versions.

Before this, she worked at Kimberly-Clark for more than 12 years. Her last role at this company was as Director of Customer Development. Moreover, Tracy has also worked as a National Account Manager at Taleo. During her time at this company, she worked in six different roles. Tracy was also the Marketing Product Manager at Manpower. As for her education, Tracy has an MBA and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin.