Black Owned Candle Company Brings Self Care to All

Meet the maker behind Unlax Candles and how this military-owned business creates a therapeutic escape for mental health. Brought to you by GoDaddy. After joining the military at the age of 18, Kay’s difficult experience and steadfast dedication to support her family impacted her mental health. Through therapy, she discovered how challenging it was for her to truly relax and unwind. She started experimenting with making handmade candles for herself to escape from the anxieties of a stress-infused job.

Fueled by the meditative process of candle making, she launched Unlax Candles and hasn’t looked back since. Using the GoDaddy Websites + Marketing platform, Kay easily built a website with an online store and integrated sites like Amazon, Etsy and Facebook Marketplace with the click of a button. Before she knew it, her candle company quickly blossomed as folks prioritized supporting Black businesses during the BLM Movement.

As Kay continues to serve as a positive example for others to focus on self-care, she wants to prioritize her own mental health so she can connect with her customers with a big heart and open mind. Want to hear more entrepreneur stories like this?

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